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We Buy Land

JMYJR Holdings LLC is a land development investment firm managed by Mike Yantis, Jr. Yantis Land is another company owned by Mike Yantis that specializes in development management and also represents several other development investors and builders. Between JMYJR Holdings and Yantis Land, the firms are looking to purchase real estate positions in San Antonio and all of the surrounding areas. The group also would consider possible projects in the Austin area. The firm focuses on single family development and is also part of built to rent projects such as duplexes, SFR, or fourplexes. The group is also very interested in finding mixed use properties for commercial, single family, and multifamily development.  Properties can range from 5 acres to 500 acres. If your family or company is looking for somebody to consider purchasing your real estate, please contact Hunter Tierney ( or Mike Yantis, Jr. ( Our firms also would welcome joint venture opportunities with property owners.

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