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Yantis Land not only looks for properties to invest in but performs acquisition services for different groups looking for single family, multi family, commercial or mixed use land.

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Yantis Land enjoys forming strategic partnerships with landowners or other investors.  Our hope is to add value to a team.


Yantis has taken years of experience in civil construction plus running a large company to effectively develop finished single family lots for homebuilders.  The firm will take a property and provide the capital and management to entitle the property for its intended end use.  After that, Yantis builds a team of consultants and contractors to take an empty property and construct all of the infrastructure required for a first class community. 



Yantis actively seeks out a wide range of investment ideas.  In addition to investments related to land development, Yantis also looks at investing in companies of all sizes across different industries.  Yantis has been involved in over a dozen private companies.  We are very interested in ideas related to the civil construction industry up and down the supply chain. 


Yantis manages land development projects for developers and homebuilders. Yantis can step in at any point of the development timeline and use its experience and contacts to get a project on the road for success.  Yantis has worked with every civil engineer in the San Antonio area.  Also, Yantis is very comfortable with managing the contractor and other various companies that are crucial to the overall development.

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After 22 years and managing over $1.2 billion dollars in construction, Yantis is available to offer advice on construction issues that impact various companies.

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